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Proprietary panel systems

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panel systems are perfect for your commercial or high end residential project. With our experienced staff, you will be able to enjoy a professionally complete project from design to install.

We take pride in designing and engineering durable panels that provide water-tight and virtually weather-proof cladding systems. Our panel systems meet all building code requirements and can contribute to LEED credits.

Custom Drawings

CAD is now the standard in the industry for architectural drawings.  Our experience affords us the opportunity to communicate with architects and engineers on their level. 

With just a click of the button, changes can be made to update drawings.

This provides a clear direction for our fabricators and your installers, which allows us to follow the desired designs of architects and engineers involved in your project.

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

Many projects have budget problems and here at PPS, we have experience in dealing with this issue. 

Our expert staff can design your projects with your budget guidelines in mind while still achieving the expected designed look.


Installer Qualification Program

While we do not offer installation services, we do provide a mandatory training class to teach people how to install our panel systems. 

To ensure proper installation, a manufacturer’s rep will be on site at the start of every project.

At a minimum, 1 inspection will be performed midway through the project with a final inspection scheduled at the project’s completion. 


Sustainability-Doing our part

The employees at Pacific Panel Systems believe we must do our part to help to help make the Earth a better place for all of us. 

Our efforts towards a green initiative include recycling material (from aluminum to paper) to reducing energy consumption to using materials which qualify for LEED contributions.